Your Garden!

Now is the time to evaluate how ‘ does your garden’ grow. I mean, in wintertime, check out the view you have as you approach hour house. If you are located on a corner, busy or not, plant some barriers…so that you create some privacey, and a background for other plants and flowers. Your house should not just ‘pop
up from nowhere. There should be a gentle progression from your lawn to the house – some ground cover, low bushes and a few ‘anchor’ plants on the corners of the house. The eye should be drawn to the front door – not impeded by large overhanging plants. Look at textures and growing styles – check these out as you walk or drive around. Plant barriers also cut our noise and maybe filter some polluting aspects of the air around you. Consider bamboo, azaleas, ceders, etc. Visit the Bronx botanical gardens – get some fresh ideas – the exterior of your house is the first impression of the property – and the first aspect of acceptance or rejection. or Google landscape ideas -Don’t rest on your laurels, plant some instead.


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