Your Garden!!

Now …August, is when you should look at your garden and surrounding vegetation…trees, bushes and grass, and fences, walks, and walls. You eye should be drawn to the front door…not difused to another site. Plantng shound not be too close to the building. You need air flow around your house…to prevent dampness in your basement…discourage bugs, insects and other pests …
A berm in front of a house on a busy streets is a good idea. (that’s a lump of soil, with plantings that are attractive, cut street sound, and deflect some dust) Look around and see what makes a property attractive…Hire a landscape designer. Many garden centers provide help in these areas. Maybe you would like raised flower or vegetable beds? Order your bulbs now…and plant them…deer do not eat daffodils I am told. Plan for Spring time now…just around the corner.
Go to the White Flower farm site…good catalog for learning..get a book…and if you plan on selling your house next year, think flowers. A well cared for exterior, speaks volumns about the attention that has been given to a house. This is a very subtle message…like cleaning the top of your furnace….
Plan now…


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