What is “agency”

Years ago a Realtor automatically represented the seller, and the fiduciary trust was to him/her. The information about a property listed for sale was thru the other agent, for the seller. The only way we could help a buyer determine what comparable properties were on the market, was to show them these properties…and they could evaluate them that way.
Now, we must discllose to our clients and customers, who we represent. Should I show a buyer a property that is my listing..I am considered a ‘dual’ agent, and some people have difficulty with that. They don’t think that the 2 can be separated.
An ethical and honest person can, and most people that are in this business meet that criteria. You cannot stay in this business if buyers and sellers feel you have not helped them in the process.
The first thing we tell customers when we meet them, is the explanation of ‘agency’
The information that we garner during a Jong and selling process a out the people we are dealing with is private. We might have a famous person or maybe notorious…but we don’t talk about them others.┬áThat information is not to be gossip. We selthree properties, not the people.




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