Those big, round, overgrown, green bushes in the front of your house!!!

AS  you drive around town, our beautiful green treed town – look at some of the round, marshmallow styled green shrubs that edge over the walk, bump onto yur windows and look really wierd! Cut them back, down, or remove. Why?

Good Landscaping adds to the beauty, ( and value) of your property. Get some garden supply magazines or go to a garden supply shop – they have people who can help you create a beautiful year round vision. Whether you have a shady, wet. dry or sunny location – thee are plants and trees and bushes and shrubs that can enhance your home. Try to keep to vative plants – exotic wont last and dont fit in. Deer eat lots of things – try to get plants that are not flavorful to them.

Pick a favorite color – and work on that aspect of new plants and plantings. Perennials are wonderful and can even match your house trim.

Bird feeders are fine too – but the droppings attract some animals you might not want to have around – plant the butterfly attracting plants. Even curly parsley, makes a nice border and the swallowtail butterfly will drop its eggs there- ( Chive too is attractive to butterflys. And you know we have to attract bees -everything we eat depends on their efforts. (and local honey is always good for you specific allergies)

Take pictures of your exterior and analysis them – shape, size, proportion and colors.

You can always take up painting and do that in the winter. with the photos you’ve taken.  – That’s another subject, but the Montclair Art museum has clssses for all levels of artists.

Start woth looking at your overgrown, green bulbous hedges.




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