The Spring Market is here! and the Daffodils are all in bloom too.

Home repairs that really return! Remodeling magazine reports the top list of the Cost vs. Value Report. Last year the steel door entryway topped the list of the cost vs. value report. The average cost of this poject  usually runs abut $ 1,162 -homoeowners recoup 96.6 percent of the cost at resale.

Overall 5 midrange projects were:

Deck Addition, Wood – resale value, $ 8,334 – cost recouped 87.4%

Attic Bedroom – job cost – $49,438 – resale value $41,656: cost recouped 84.3%

Garage door replacement = job cost $1,534: resale value $1,283, cost recouped 83.7%

Minor kitchen remodel; job cost $18,857, resale value $ 15,585, cost recouped 82.7%

Upscale projects

Siding replacement ( fiber Cement) Job cost $13,378; resale value $ 11,645, cost recouped 82.9%

Mid Atlantic region showed a backup power generator to be high onthe list with 77 percent of cost recouped at sale:

for more information to to: http://www.costvsvalue.com


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