The media and real estate!

Who does know what is happening in real estate?
The news media?
The mortgage providers?
The title companies?
The building inspectors?
The real estate pundits?
The buyers?
The sellers?
The attorneys who do the legal parts?
The newspapers that take the ads?
The printers who print the Post cards that say ‘for sale’, or ‘sold’?
How about me?
There are buyers LOOKING!……some sellers are Thinking about sellers….
And there are some statistics that show properties going under contract.
the banks are holding on to the money….we hear.
There are many homes lurking in the foreclosure or short sale category.
I think the buyers who are determined to move and get on with their lives, are doing so.
And if a seller wants to get on with their next phase, they are accepting offers that they did not think they would. The prices are still adjusting…down.
Buyers are very demanding…and they are driving the market.
A house has to look like a home they can manage…not need tooooo many upgrades.
(painting is simple) but the mechanics are another subject. Heating and cooling ….wiring and appliances….and when they look at the cost of landscaping…..and maintaining lawns, bushes, trees, decks, and the unexpected.
All of the above players, will have more work if buyers keep buying.
I think they will…slowly, and carefully. If a house is “move in ” they will declare their intentions sooner then if they have to plan on having money to make changes .
What the media reports is used as a guide…..and they use new home construction
….not a relevant factor in this Essex county of New Jersey…but an element of their decision.
It is getting better..(some prognosticators say that by 2019, prices will get to where they were in 2005-6). I did not say that
Just reporting…..


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