the end!

Boy, are we happy to see the end of 2011 – the weather for one, the social disturbances for another, and the stalemates in DC –
At least our health is OK – ( after 3 PET scans to find that out) and regular check ups –
Seeing Grand children grow up and see them learning is a joy – helping Sonia with words ( she knows so many already) but did not know, joyous, or quandary, ( I had to look up the correct spelling!) and William learning to walk and eat everything – not too picky –
we all hope that real estate will live up to the predictions – i.e., low interest rate stays in place – pent up buyers in all the renters will decide to buy = sellers will make their decisions – and on to their next level – South, Ranch, assisted living, renting, traveling, whatever = that the weather plays fair –


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