The Discovery Theatre

Took an early de camp bus to the city and at the Discovery Theartre on 44 th street…just as there was a shooting at 34 th and the Empire State….we did not know it at the time
But we went to the Terra cotta Warriors exhibit ..and it was great. There are 8 soldiers….of about 8000 that were created to honor China’s First Emperor.life sized, and also artifacts. Discovered when farmers were digging for a well during a drought period in 1974. Astounding discovery..still on going. Different symbols for different jobs. Hair styles, clothes, shoes, all denoted status of the army and the roles played. Interesting artifacts too..gold jewelry, mirrors, all buried to honor the emperor when he died.
Between 230 BC and 221BC Ying Zheng, born 259 BC, conquered 6 rival states,and united a large area…the Qin dynasty this ended centuries of warfare and established governance , laws, and administration that would prevail for over 2000 years….a lot of history
…exhibit ends 8/26… Go on line and get tickets…and rush in…terrific!


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