Summertime! Slow? No!!

Does real estate slow  up when the weather heats up? Not at all

Sellers are getting ready for the ‘ fall’ market. We provide a stager – ( I pay for most of the cost) most homes need a fresh eye for getting it ready for the market – paint color, furniture arrangement, removal of personal items etc – This is not a condemnation of your decorating style or style of life – but a buyer does not want to have to go thru your “‘stuff’ to be able to see his/her furniture in the  house. It can  also be intimidating to see a home with  expensive art work or awardss that might not apply to them.

The next move could be for any number of reasons. …Downsizing, new location, new style ( over 55 community) more space for a growing family (yes that still happens) space for care- needing family members, new weather options (moer or less snow/cold) or less expensive maintenance and cost needs.

We can help in all of the above decisions – with the CRS, CIPS referral networks and RE/Max international connections I can help you find an experienced and professional agent who can help. ( and if it works our, I receive a small referral fee – which is always good, for me)

So, start thinking, looking at communities as you drive around – compare your house to others in your block – as to appearance – ( needs paint, needs landscaping , cleaning?)  and talk to others who have gone thru the same process.

Moving is very stressful! Just eliminating household items, form photos, to old athletic equipment, to old tires, requires energy and maybe help. But it is all possible.’

If you use ‘ Zillow” for information, be advised that it is not the best source of up- to- date properties on the market or sold. I can help you determine what t ‘compelling’ sales price is for your house.

So to take advantage of the low interest rate ( your buyer will) and if  you intend to purchase you will too.

You might consider renting rather than purchasing a  new home – look around – ask questions.

Adriana O’Toole




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