The New York times article, ,”Ruthless Came the Stager” says almost all that I have been telling sellers. ( they skipped price, which is the most important…) but some excellent ideas.
Declutter….bathe the walls in neutral colors…I say bland, same thing! And eliminate all traces of pets. Author Elissa Gootman tells of staggers who charge up to$25,000 for extensive staging which includes renting furniture, getting fresh flowers, and re painting recently painted areas. Overly exotic art work, sports equipment in hallways etc all add up to “no nos” in trying to make buyers think they could move in and have their own “stuff”. The one thing I learned, and it is a good idea too, is,to eliminate jackets and paperbacks, because they look messy….only jacketless books.
Have a few “expensive” store shopping bags in closets…Nieman Marcus or Hermes. Have plush and white towels in bathrooms. No shampoo, toothpaste or magazines in bathrooms.
and of course, no family photos, trophies, awards and anything that says “look what we can do” which can be intimidating to a buyer with no hobbies, successes or collections. People need help visualizing a rooms’ use…put a computer on a desk….set a table….chairs on a patio, or a hammock in a garden or a tv in a finished

Listen to your Realtor….


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