Spring will be here soon -I have snow drops blooming!1

Now is the time to be critical about the exterior of your house. Dull Shrubs?  boring trees?’bent over trees? yellow grass – or none? The garden catalogs are arriving  in the mail – look a them and pick out a few new plants to put in place as soon as the ground warms up. Landscaped properties yield a better return. Why? because it tells people that you are interested  in the  property and have maintained it. ( a very subliminal message) Like cleaning off the boiler and furnace of basement dust).

You can rent temporary storage units – one business called zippyshell.com

or your neighbors’ basement too –

but the more space in a house that can be ‘ seen’ is a plus – unless the buyers are coming from micro-units, ( 300 sq feet?) that’s another story;

The real estate market in Montclair  and South Orange and Maplewood is very active. Be pre approved and be ready to make a decision – Wants and Needs and Necessaries -those are the headliner.

then there’ is ‘oh, I just like it.  . ands that …cannot be ‘parsed”

Tell  your Realtor what you want – if you know – and if you dont know, be open to what is availaable in your price range.




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