Sandy, the Storm!

Well, the storm, Sandy, has kept,all home today…no schools, no subway in NYC, no Amtrack, some of the tunnels and bridges are closed…the beaches at the Jersey shore might be washed away…after a lot of money in beach restoration projects.  But these are big tourist attractions…even Atlantic city been evacuated. That’s a lot of real estate under water. Many of the properties in our area, affected by the flooding Passaic river have been bought out by the federal government…a
loss to many  home owners, but in the long run a saving for constant flood horrors brought about by the river flooding.
It will,take a few days to get back to normal.
And back to real estate.
I have two very nice rentals that will be in the mls soon…a charming cottage…small but great in
Upper Montclair..and a 2 bedroom apartment in Bloomfield.
We charge a finders fee to the tenants….landlords require credit checks…but it works out.
Call for information.


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