Just what is a good referral? as a Realtor, a good referral is to someone who needs your help – ether to buy or sell a property – and that can be ANYWHERE in this country or abroad. As a member of the CRS, and CIPI systems, I have names of qualified Realtors who can help. Many I have met at the various conventions and meeting I attend all year long. I check them out first -call to see if they are still in business ( that happens, they do retire) and then if they are familiar and willing to cooperate. ( i.e., pay me for the qualified client/customer I send them) This is still a business that gets paid at the completion of a transaction – and that is the motivation also that prompts actions. So, if you have a nephew or friend who says, ‘ I’m planning on moving” – just ask them if they need a good Realtor. There are almost 700,000 in the US – and as in most sales, 10% do 90% of the business – I’m in that category..and can help here in NJ or anywhere else. Confidentiality is maintained – and their personal information is secure – Just send my information along! and Thank you.


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