Memorial day 2012

Although warm weather we did a lot of New Jersey touring this weekend.discovered a Passaic County Morris Canal park right off Broad Street
In Clifton! Well marked, maintained and picnic tables…some time we can go on a picnic there.

We went to Clifton to see the ” avenue of flags” never heard of that before.
1400 flags, honoring present ann past veterans…put up from 6 am to 6 pm, every holiday. Next time will be 4th of July….really spectacular. Clifton residents only can buy the flags for Clifton vets.
The avenue of Flags is on Van Houten Ave.,and Broad street…on the site of the old Clifton
Animal detention place (can’t think of the name now), but where animals were kept when coming into the US for a while.
I took some pictures…go to my Facebook page and you can see them.


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