Look at Spring!

Now is the time to think of next  years’ spring garden – see the Forsythia and how lovely it is – if it has not been shaved to a ball? — Plant is so it can grow and be attractive!

Lilacs are beautiful -trim them after they bloom so you can reach them to cut for arrangements.

Notice how the tulips fit into the landscape – or are just plopped in some odd way? They should be incorporated with the other plantings – the daffodils and the low bushes – Do you need some new evergreens for a better back drop for the colorful flowers?

If you dont have planting space where you want it- get some planters – ceramic or attractive plastic and get your herbs in and to attract some butterflies-plant some host plants – e.g. parsley and chives attract the Swallowtail butterfly and Milk week will attract the Monarch butterfly. ( butterflies only deposit their eggs on plants that the caterpillar will eat- ( dont despair if your parsley gets eaten -you are helping the environment.) Just plant a lot of it!


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