How your house ‘ sits’? and Trees Please!

If the foundation of your house is a strikingly different color than the body of the house – it makes the house ‘ float’ rather than appear ‘anchored’. The base color should be the same – it will make the home look sturdier, and better suited to the land.

And now for trees!  After this recent storm and the power outages we all went thru – the trees  – tall and lovely – were part of the problem. When you are planting trees – keep them from the power lines – or they will be trimmed in an awful way.

Get the right size to begin with – Tall trees, maple, oak spruce and pine:

medium – Washington hawthorn, and goldenraintree ( I’m taking information from the Tree City USA Bulletin, dont know what they are) and small trees, redbud, dogwood and crabapple.

There are all sorts of information  on how trees will benefit energy usage..i.e. to shade, plant on South or West:  protect from winter winds, ( plant on north side of the house) Professional landscapers can help  you frame you home so it looks good, and also adds to your comfort. .check out www.arborday.org  for more information.

Montclair is not a  Tree city ( I’ve been lamenting that for a long time) Verona  is, Newark is, Bloomfield is – many are – why we are not is a mystery – but maybe some day we will  have that designation.

There is also an organization called ‘Tree Line USA a program of the Arbor Day foundation,  that encourages proper utility practicesthat safeguard trees.

We need trees for the beauty, and shelter they provide ( us and the birds) and we need the utilities that we depend on – electricity, water and gas…..practical approaches to all will work for all.



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