Here is the New Year!

Optimism prevails with the MID (mortgage interest deduction) having been saved, for a while anyway…and buyers are making appointments to start looking at real estate.
This area, with trees, sidewalks, neighborhood shopping areas, good schools and an easy commute to the city is very attractive.
Buyers look at web sites, and are pretty well versed in what a house looks like. We take many interior pictures, and a measured floor plan.
(this is a service provided) as for “staging’ a property…if a 4 rd opinion is necessary, I can provide that expert. Somehow, my opinion doesn’t always register as well as an “outsiders” would.
But in general…check my video at the beginning of this blog…but also be ready to:
Get windows washed, chipped paint repaired, carpets cleaned or removed. Floors redone, drapes and valences removed, personal photos packed, trophies and awards packed, cupboards emptied, closets “thinned”out, landscaping trimmed so the “eye” goes to the front door,basement cleared out, top of furnace or boiler dusted, little slippery rugs put away……..that’s a good beginning. Then we shift furniture so the newcomers eyes “scan” and see the whole picture as they come in. Sounds easy? Not really.
To lessen the stress, the more the house ” looks good” the shorter time it will be to get a buyer to buy. Otherwise you are always putting everything away…dishes from the sink, mail, newspapers….etc…living in your home becomes a chore.
So, call me…we’ll get to work….and you can get on your way…where ever that is. And I can help you in a search for an apartment down the street, a condo in this area, an assisted living facility, a visit to a warm climate…rent or buy, your choice.


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