“Bunny Brunch”

Very pleasant morning at the Verona Junior Women’s club fund raiser. What a great idea….kids, Easter bunny, food…at the Verona High School. Good bagels, donated…games And balloons

Who would not come with their kids? Parents took their own pictures—doesn’t every one have a camera, phone etc?
Then we went to Richfield Farms 1139 Van Houten Ave in Clifton….a real farm…chickens, roosters, they sell,their eggs too. They sell native New Jersey plants…and all sorts of garden items…trees, shrubs….I bought curly parsley …for the garden as a border…as an herb, but also,so,that the Swallow tail butterfly will come and lay some eggs…as they did last year.
The we came home and Sonia planted a few flowering plants in a little container…


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