A long time to closing!

Three listings later a property has come to closing.

Why so long? Filled oil tank – had to be emptied – then removed, and it had holes in i

That meant it had leaked oil – into the soil!

Clean that  up….

Then, the ground water was tested…..then there was a building inspection – and the buyer wanted some adjusmentss

( money)

Fortunately the seller was accommodating and agreed to many credits –

Buyer happy – seller satisfied ….

Good thing I  like this business.

Message to sellers – check your oil tank – plan on maybe having to remove it. if it is not in use.

Have a building inspection prior to listing a house – drips, leak, electrical plugs and outlets – repair!

Remove old carpets -even good old wool carpet – buyers do not want old/used/ carpets!!!

Remove Wall paper -especially  cute baby room paper.

Check your outside plantings – are they well cared for? inviting? well planned? They are clues to interior concerns and attention to things…..

walkways – level – view of the house from the street – can you see an inviting front door? Are the house number visible?

is there an attractive mail box? Good exterior lighting?






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