Fences – yours and others.
Now is the time to compare the fences in your neighborhood to the landscape – and how they look. If you are planning to fence in ( or out) the world -look at what is around you.
Wood, metal, cyclone, slatted, stone, plants or bushes.
What is your purpose? Is it to create a backdrop for a garden?
Keep a dog secure? Screen a poor site (property, neighbor, or view)
Wintertime is the best time to plan.
Take a picture of your house – print it out, then draw what you envision.
Get help – a landscape designer – a garden center has helpers – a handy man…and get the right tools.
A pretty fence will add to the ‘curb appeal’ of your home. ( you know the phrase Realtors use)
You don’t have to be selling your house ( right now) to make sure you enhance every aspect of it.

Every town has building codes you must adhere to – you might need a building permit-so make sure your fence complies – usually the part that comes from the front corner of the house to the street, must not be over a certain height. In our town it is 4 feet, and not higher than 8 feet from front start to rear.
Usually, the ‘good’ side faces your neighor. You can pick a fence that does not have a ‘better’ side…and all are pleased.
Make sure you have a current survey – staked out – and give to a fence installer.
and then figure out how you will cut the grass. Some times people put a gravel border …just think the maintenance through too.
maybe don’t put up a fence.
How about a berm?
That’s another story.


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