After a week in sunny Florida at a Road Scholar program in St. Petersburg, ( 3rd largest park system in US) I find a shortage of real estate – and an absorption rate that should encourage sellers to get their houses on the market – in Montclair and Glen Ridge.
4.6 months rate in Montclair, 2.1 in glen ridge – much more in surrounding towns
We have seen multiple offers increase as buyers want to get ‘ in’ before the rates go up -which is predicted.
What to do? Start packing photos, awards and diplomas. Put pictures and albums away. Empty closets so they ‘look’ spacious – rent a ‘ pod’ and fill it up and store items you will use again. Paint if there are visible holes where you remove all those pictures.
Staging is important – and we can help with that –
we will have house measured and floor plans available – and use a professional photographer so a buyer can see before calling for a ‘real’ appointment’
If it rains or snows – we have ‘booties’ – dont worry about the floor.
waiting to act will delay future planning!


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